Don’t write me off: a story of hope for the youth of puerto limón

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This project is directed to the youth of Puerto Limón and includes a dual reflective and reflexive memoir. The project was named “LCG Project Hope/Projecto Esperanza.” An awareness campaign was developed to highlight positive resources available to young people in Central Limón. The creation and display of posters empowering the youths to continue to say yes to the positive resources and no, to alcohol and other drugs was achieved. There is also a three minute video in which the candidate briefly shares his story about addiction, studies done on the use of drugs by young people in Limón, and highlights the posters. The writer organized events in which he looked back at his life and reflected on his twenty years of powerlessness over alcohol and cocaine. He shared his spiritual journey to sanity and self-awareness. Further, he defined addiction and outlined the two main behaviors that addiction is made of. He also shared his experience, strength and hope in recovery, and his personal development as a social worker/pastoral care counselor and his passion to do ministry work both in developing countries and locally. The demonstration project is an incorporation of my inspirational speaking to address the youths of Puerto Limón, Costa. The purpose is to empower the youths to say yes to positives resources available to them in Puerto Limón, and no to alcohol and other drugs. This empowerment comes through conferences, workshops, spiritual retreats, posters and videos.  
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